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Listing ID: 308
Name: Results Tutors Ltd
Phone: 01224 659394
Address: 96 Rosemount Viaduct Aberdeen AB25 1NX
Description: Private Tuition
Categories: Degree German
Degree Geography
Degree French
Degree Finance
Degree English
Degree Electronics
Degree Economics
Degree Drama
Degree Computing
Degree Chemistry
Degree Business
Degree Biology
Degree Accountancy
A-Level Spanish
A-Level RE
A-Level Physics
A-Level Music
A-Level Maths
A-Level ICT
A-Level History
A-Level German
A-Level Geography
A-Level French
A-Level English
A-Level Computing
A-Level Chemistry
A-Level Business
A-Level Biology
GCSE Spanish
GCSE Physics
GCSE Music
GCSE Maths
GCSE History
GCSE German
GCSE Geography
GCSE French
GCSE English
GCSE Computing
GCSE Chemistry
GCSE Business
GCSE Biology
KS3 Science
KS3 Maths
KS3 English
11 Plus
KS2 Science
KS2 Working with Data
KS2 Numbers, Algebra
KS2 Percentages
KS2 Fractions
KS2 Decimals
KS2 Calculations
KS2 Maths
KS2 English
Degree History
Degree ICT
Degree Law
Degree Marketing
Degree Maths
Degree Mechanics
Degree Music
Degree Physics
Degree Politics
Degree Psychology
Degree RE
Degree Spanish
Degree Technology
Exam Practice
Exam Boards
Charities / Support Groups

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Further Description:

Brighter futures begin with Results Results are the new name in Personal Tuition in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. We offer one-to-one personal tuition in all subjects at all levels. Results have 11 years experience behind them, helping students of all ages and abilities achieve their potential. Results aims to capture the tutoring market in Aberdeen by offering a unique service second to none, by matching students with highly qualified tutors. All our tutors are degree qualified; most have a PGCE or PHD. Students have the choice to be tutored at home or in our new, modern premises located in Aberdeen city centre. Results mission is to help people regardless of ability, age or background to realise their goals for the future through the support of the highest quality tuition available. We strive to raise our students' aspirations and achievement levels by giving them lots of enthusiasm, self-confidence, motivation and direction. Results are not an employment agency, which places tutors and moves on. We work on behalf of our clients, putting your needs first. By working closely with our tutors, we are able to monitor quality continuously. Our tutors are constantly delivering the Results for our clients.

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