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Listing ID: 232
Name: KS2 Maths - Solving Calculator Questions [PDF]
Description: KS2 Maths Revision Resource
Categories: KS2 Maths
KS2 Calculations

Further Description:

You should use a calculator for the following questions:

1. What is the square root of 169?

2. What is the square root of 441?

3. What is 25 squared?

4. What is 60% of 1280?

5. In each class in a school there are 15 boys and 10 girls. There are 165 boys in the school. How many girls are in the school?

6. A football team has 11 players. In a football tournament, 264 players were involved. How many teams were there?

7. Bill buys 15 sweets, which cost 5 pence each. How much change does he receive from a 1 coin?

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